Hi, I'm Kenny And I Help People Heal Their Pain and Achieve Emotional Mastery.

Hi, I'm Kenny And I Help People Heal Their Pain and Achieve Emotional Mastery. I am an expert in guiding and supporting you to recover from codependency, a dysfunctional childhood, narcissistic abuse, trauma and learning to love your perfect imperfections.

Kenny Weiss
Kenny Weiss


Hi, I'm Kenny And I Help People Heal Their Pain and Achieve Emotional Mastery.

I am an expert in helping you transform your perfectly imperfect relationship patterns into loving, connected, intimate, safe, and healthy relationships.

Guiding and supporting you to heal and recover from codependency, love addiction, a dysfunctional childhood, addictions, narcissistic abuse, and trauma.

I will provide you the knowledge, skills, and tools to build self-esteem, self-confidence, self-love, stop your self-sabotage, and heal health issues such as anxiety and depression, and more.

The Story Begins



Raised by struggling parents who had four children by their early 20s, emotions ran high in our household. My father was beaten as a child, and my mother was adopted. It is easy to see why I grew up in a home with a rage-filled dad and an alcoholic mother. As the research has shown, our adult life is a reflection of our childhood. My upbringing molded my life, one in which I faced many struggles.

After battling with my demons for years, I holed up in my apartment for three days, finding myself trying to write a suicide note to my children. But when I tried to justify my choice, I just couldn't. Whenever I attempted to write a sentence, I realized there was no way to take my life without ultimately transferring my pain to my children. I could not live with that outcome, but I also could not live with myself.

Finally, after more than 30 years of reading, studying, going to seminars, and working with counselors trying to handle my issues and pain, I had an epiphany: something is drastically missing in society and the personal development field. At that moment, I went into my office and wrote down these words.

" I want to come up with a revolutionary process no one else has discovered that will fundamentally change society and the way we help people who are stuck in pain!"

That began the journey, which has now become The Greatness Movement.

A Powerful Transformation

Nearly 20 years ago, my then counselor and now colleague Mike Pinkston first recognized my true calling in life. I was leading groups for him, and he would give my phone number to his clients for accountability and connection. As his clients began sharing our conversations with Mike, he started one of our sessions with this statement....

"Kenny, you have a gift to heal others. You have to work with me. Go finish school, get any degree, it doesn't matter what it is but you need one and when you do, you have an office with me."

While I had the desire, as I see now, I wasn't quite ready. I still had too many bricks of pain, healing, and learning to step on in my own journey.

The following 10 years brought tremendous struggles, immense growth, and deeper study into the science behind how the brain and body react to trauma. And, unfortunately, how our perfectly imperfect childhoods create our future lives.

Sadly, the most popularly dispensed information has not kept up with the most current science and that is why people are not achieving the results they deserve from coaches and therapists.

I used all of those insights to transform my life and develop the unique process I now share with my clients and online Greatness University students.

Kenny’s Advanced Coaching Style ‌


For nearly 30 years I have been reading, studying, and researching what creates our struggles in life and the best ways to conquer them. During that journey I also spent decades going to events, working with counselors, and trying all different types of modalities to heal my own pain.

The combination of research and becoming an expert in my own healing provides me with an expansive area of expertise and a one-of-a-kind perspective and skillset few counselors or coaches possess.

I have not just studied the problems; I have lived them and conquered them. My goal as your coach is to provide you with the knowledge, skills, and tools to become your own expert in healing yourself. Think of it this way:

Do you remember the Wizard of Oz? Dorothy is standing at the start of the yellow brick road? She can see the rainbow (a metaphor for her authentic self, her happiness and success, and who she was meant to be in life). She is excited but also afraid. She can see the start of the road, but it twists and turns, so she fears exactly how she will live in her destiny? But, she wants to take the journey!‌

In my experience, that is exactly how each client/student feels. As I see it, my role is to place the golden bricks in front of each of them and guide them safely down the yellow brick road to become the greatest version of themselves.

One more thing, I help Don's, David's, Tom's, Patricks, Erics..not just Dorothy's 😁‌

The Greatness Movement

I officially launched The Greatness Movement in 2018 after my seminal work, Your Journey to Success. The book serves as a blueprint detailing how I took years of research, courses, seminars, counseling, and books and found the gap in it all to create a process for making lasting changes.

‌In addition, I share my own traumatic experiences. I do this for two reasons. First, I discovered that traditional counseling and coaching methods are a significant factor in why people are stuck in their pain. The methods are similar to our childhood experience with our caregivers. The coach or therapist most often are detached, authoritarian, falsely empowered, and distant.

‌Healing pain and turning it into self-love and the ability to have great relationships requires safety and intimacy. In-To-Me-I-Let-You-See. If our healers can't share their imperfections and model how they made peace with themselves, how will a client feel safe enough to share their deepest darkest, most imperfect part/s? After all, it is the deepest darkest part/s that needs healing if we want to live in our greatness!

‌Secondly, I hope to permit others to do the same. I believe we all want permission to be heard and accepted for our perfect imperfections. Imagine a society where it was perfectly "normal" for all of us to talk openly about our pain, and perfect imperfections without shame?‌

The Mission of The Greatness Movement

The science is now overwhelming. Every relational, economic, political, and social problem originates from unhealed childhood emotional pain.

Currently, our society looks for solutions to these social maladies in every other possibility but the actual source of the problem. Making things more difficult is the fact that our unhealed emotional pain is also responsible for our avoiding the source of the problem. That is why these maladies have continued for generations. ‌

As a society, we are all stuck in the Worst Day Cycle.

Therefore, the mission of The Greatness Movement is to conquer that long avoided frontier. To do that, we need new knowledge that can be developed into a skill and ultimately refined into a tool to heal that pain and stop the generational transference of The Worst Day Cycle. In short, we need emotional mastery.

Finally, I have called it The Greatness Movement instead of Kenny Weiss because I hope that 100 years from now, everyone lives their lives based on these skills and tools, and people have a conversation that goes something like this....‌

" Who was the guy that started all of this? Wasn't his name Kevin or Carl something?"

You see, as more people take the journey, they pass it on to the next Dorothy or Don. Eventually, it becomes THEIRS. As each person embodies the journey, my role fades away. The Movement is about YOUR greatness!‌

To accomplish this mission, I started The Greatness University!

The Greatness University Is Your Home For Your Emotional Mastery Journey. I have put together a series of masterclasses designed to provide each individual with the deepest, most advanced knowledge, skills, and tools to stop The Worst Day Cycle, achieve Emotional Mastery, and change society so we can all live in our Greatness. ‌


Current Masterclasses Include



This is just the start. New innovative masterclasses focused on providing you the most current science to achieve emotional mastery and become the greatest version of yourself are being developed.

Enjoy The Journey!🕺🏼

Leading Personal Development Speaker and Author of Your Journey to Success.


As an Emotional Mastery Coach and founder of The Greatness Movement, Kenny works with successful entrepreneurs, professional athletes, individuals, and families.

He has been featured in Psychology Today, Phoenix Magazine, and Reader’s Digest, among other popular publications. Through his powerful methods, transformational coaching, and life-changing online programs, Kenny’s mission is simple: to help as many people as possible become the greatest version of themselves.

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