Emotional Mastery Coaching With Kenny Weiss

You deserve effective help - I'll be there every step of the way - holding your hand along your journey to rediscovering your authentic self and loving your perfect imperfections.

Feeling Lost & Alone On Your Journey To Your Authentic Self?

You are not alone anymore! My name is Kenny Weiss, and I'm here to help.

I will guide and support your healing and recovery from trauma, an imperfect childhood, enmeshment, codependence, stress, fear, anxiety, and depression. But that is not all.

I will provide you with the knowledge, skills, and tools to live in complete self-love so you can stop your self-sabotage, making it easy to put an end to people-pleasing and the inability to say no.

I believe you deserve to feel safe in your skin again. To have healthy relationships with yourself and others; to be loved unconditionally without fear of abandonment or rejection.

To feel happy and find peace within yourself so that you can live life on your terms without being controlled by someone else's agenda or expectations for who they want you to be.

You deserve effective help - not just another person telling you what they think about what's going on in your life but showing you HOW to change it.

Let me show you how it feels when someone truly cares about who YOU are!

I'll be there every step of the way - holding your hand along your journey to forgiving your perfect imperfections and showing you how to love and accept them by teaching you to master your emotions so you can see your life from a new perspective.  The view from your rediscovered authentic self!

How I Help People:

For decades I have been on a self-discovery journey researching and working with experts, trying different modalities to rediscover my authentic self, heal my pain and accept my perfect imperfections.

After nearly 30 years, I have developed a one-of-a-kind proven process to help others reclaim their authentic selves. I share those unique insights, discoveries, and Emotional Mastery healing process in my book Your Journey To Success. I am now passionate about sharing them with individuals and couples.

There is nothing more satisfying than being a part of helping a man or woman rediscover themselves by transforming their pain and learning to love and embrace their perfect imperfections.

I specialize in providing you with the Emotional Mastery knowledge, skills, and tools I have developed to create genuine loving relationships, set boundaries, cure codependency, and turn poor communication and confrontation into connection.

Putting an end to people-pleasing and the inability to say no. Healing from a dysfunctional childhood, emotional trauma, and narcissistic abuse.

Stopping self-sabotage, stress, fear, anxiety, depression, addictions, and learning to love and accept your perfect imperfections.

If you would like my help on your journey to loving and accepting your perfect imperfections and rediscovering your authentic self, book your private session TODAY!


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Client Testimonials

Kenny’s coaching is like therapy on steroids. I have been to so many different CBTs, talk therapists, hypnotherapists, etc., and his system doesn’t even compare. Instead of just talking about the issue at hand, Kenny will help you find the root of your feelings and situation to create true change. Of course, he will listen to you too, but he will give you the tools to make lasting changes, unlike others. When I first started with Kenny, I was in extreme depression and contemplating suicide. Kenny was able to help me understand my thoughts, detach from them, and ask me the hard questions to determine what I truly needed and wanted. Kenny has been life-changing for me, and I know he will be for you too.


“You don’t have to face yourself alone.” Kenny Weiss is the only one who has truly shown me my imperfections in a kind and gentle manner. When no one could help me out of the pit, Kenny helped me... helped me see that when I do the work, I find the real value and hope in myself.


I’ve been working with Kenny now for a few years, and it’s been one of the best decisions in my life. He has and continues to help me realize my true potential and has helped with the biggest decisions of my life. So I would recommend to anyone that wants to realize their greatness or get more from life, be it career or relationship, to give Kenny a call.


I have learned to identify and embrace my feelings and emotions. And to actually allow me to feel them and not be afraid or avoid them. I have learned to be comfortable in my uncomfortableness. Throughout my life, I have been told I am too sensitive not only in my personal but also in my professional life. Through my work with Kenny and the Greatness community, I now know that our feelings and emotions are part of every decision we make in life. It is silly to me to say or think I am too sensitive. It is actually a strength and not a weakness. I can now see that my feelings of not being good enough really had nothing to do with the present situation(s). It had more to do with my past trauma and my inner child's unhealed pain. I can give it back to those people and situations and really live in the moment. My feelings are no longer robbing me of my dreams and desires.


Exceptional life coach! Kenny can help you with all aspects of life, including (but not limited to) relationships, communication skills, parenting skills, self-esteem work, self-confidence, self-awareness, and much, much more.  I’ve been through many self-development programs, but Kenny’s work is really groundbreaking and unique and will yield results quickly if you are willing to do the work.


Kenny is one of a kind.  He offers insight like no other coach/counselor I’ve ever worked with.  Kenny challenges your current way of thinking and helps you connect with your emotions in a thought-provoking and life-changing way.  Kenny is terrific if you are struggling to pull yourself out of a hole or want to improve yourself personally and professionally.  He provides an approach that is far different from the typical counselor or coach. His understanding of human emotion and the behaviors that result offer a real solution to the things that often hold us back in life. Thanks, Kenny, for working with me and for all of your guidance.


I heard Kenny speak and I knew he had something to offer I had never experienced before. So I signed up to have a private meeting with him, and within the first 15 minutes, I felt like he understood me and could help me improve my relationships in all areas of my life like no other. I continued to see him several more times over a period of 8 months and can say he unveiled and was able to help me recognize and improve all my relationships in my life. I purchased his book and continue to Coach with him and get advice that means more to me than many other Coaches I have had in my life. I highly recommend everyone see him no matter what your challenge in life might be. He is truly gifted!!! Thank you, Coach Kenny.


Coach Kenny has answers I’ve looked for my entire life. But, he helps us find our answers, not his answers for us. His process is empowering, life-changing and helps each person heal and find wholeness. So, if you are ready to live from your greatness free from fear and equipped with the tools you need if you encounter an issue Coach, Kenny can help.


Kenny Weiss is ... THE best. Every time I leave a session, I feel like I have the tools I need to get to the next level and feel my best. I always feel comfortable and know that I am in good hands. I have referred patients and friends to them, and they all absolutely love him as well!

Dr. Bethania Noronha

Kenny Weiss, what an asset in Life Management. Kenny is at the forefront of The Greatness Movement. I personally have worked with Kenny learning to navigate this thing we call "life." His ability to break down what things really are is amazing. But, more amazing is his ability to teach tools to use in your everyday life that actually, wait for it...work.Helping you with your Journey to, well...Success.If you are looking to "Break" your Worst Day Cycle and are ready to embrace what comes and be Better. Kenny is an expert at getting You - Unstuck.I recommend Kenny Weiss without a doubt. Greatness - It's Your Turn


I can't say enough about Kenny! But, if you are really ready to get to the ROOT of why we do the things we do, you need to have a 5 minutes chat with Kenny.  That's all it will take to make you realize that he does it differently and can show you how to discover the truth and stay in it! Never judgmental, always compassionate, his goal is only to help you to achieve your highest level of greatness!!


If you feel stuck, Kenny will give you the tools to move forward in your career, relationships, and "life"!  He knows his stuff, and he will cut to the chase.  Kenny will help you see how you unintentionally sabotage yourself, and he will set you on the path to recovery.  Kenny is supportive, kind, and exudes optimism about the future.  He sincerely wants to help everyone he can.  If you're reading this, you are obviously curious about what Kenny has to offer. So take a chance and book a session with Kenny.  He's such a force for positive change!


There are a lot of great things that I could say about Kenny, but I will just highlight a couple. First, Kenny has this natural ability just to make you feel comfortable around him. Second, he is extremely understanding and 100% non-judgmental about anything you might come to him about. Third, he is extremely good at relating because he has been through a lot that allows him to see things from a different angle and through a different lens. Finally, he has a unique gift in helping people understand the important things about themselves and helping them free themselves into having that happier and better life they want. I would recommend Kenny to anyone!